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VASSILIKI (Vassiliki Benopoulou), born in Athens in 1960, is a visual artist and sculptor internationally renowned for her enormous kinetic installations.

Her installation The City of Games (2000), is considered to be one of the biggest in scale installations, composed by two thousand sculptures, all painted by hand with an astonishing geometrical accuracy. Figures of Dancers and Harlequins are flying into the air through swings, the wheel, balls and other kinetic devices. The “Temple of colors” is certainly the biggest three-dimensional painting in the history of contemporary art so far, covering a surface of 2.000 square meters, all painted by hand.

Vassiliki has presented her work in individual exhibitions worldwide attracting more than 2.000.000 visitors. She has been honored with distinctions and awards. Most of her works are exhibited permanently in public spaces while others belong to museums and private collections.