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Kostas Dikefalos

Kostas Dikefalos is born in Zakynthos in 1956. He enters School of Fine Arts in Athens with a scholarship, studies sculpture under Pappas and Nocolaides and finishes with honors in 1982. He then cooperates with the Goullandri and the Ethnological museums in Athens (1983-1990). Since 1992 Kostas Dikefalos teaches sculpture in the School of Fine Arts, Ioannina.

Kostas Dikefalos has been honored with many prizes in Greece and abroad. In 1996 he is awarded the first prize in the 1st International Outdoor Sculpture Contest, Kitakyushu University Japan. He has won more than 7 prizes by various municipalities of Athens.

He has participated in 13 sculpture symposiums, has conducted 15 solo exhibitions and innumerous group exhibitions nationally and internationally. His sculptures adorn many public places and art museums in Greece and Japan, as well as famous private collections.

Kostas Dikefalos lives and works in Athens. The artist has received 2 medals by the Ethnological Association of Greece, Palaia Vouli.